Customer experience visits help improve the customer experience in your organization. By adding one or more of these simple extras to your program, you will create a higher impact with your employees. This way your customer experience visits will function more as a tool for improving your customer service.

Happy to congratulate you!

Put your best scoring teams or employees in the spotlight. Send them flowers, a cake or just a nice little card. Let us support you with this. We send your best employees from the past visits (with a perfect score from the visit report) a personalized HAPPY TO CONGRATULATE YOU postcard or flower to congratulate them on their customer experience success. Small effort, great gesture.

Audio feedback

In a short audio recording attached to the report, the mystery shopper will share his or her personal experience during the visit. An audio recording increases the impact of the report.

Our way of working is as follows: after the mystery shopper submits the customer experience report, a Quality Checker will check the report. They will contact the mystery shopper by phone to interview them. The phone call will be recorded and added to the report.

Direct feedback

We can also have highly experienced “success shoppers” carry out the customer experience visits. After the visit they will immediately make themselves known and give the employee(s) direct feedback about their experience. Based on this feedback, the agreed upon action points can be added to the customer experience report.

Follow-up card

Two to three weeks after the customer experience visit, or two to three weeks before the start of a new campaign, Multi-Value will send the locations to be visited a personal postcard with the reminder of the established action points: “Do you remember? During our last visit we wrote down some important action point: xxxx? We are curious to know about the experiences and actions taken! We look forward to visiting your store again!”

Webinar results

Let us present the results of the customer experience visits during a webinar to your employees and/or local managers. During the webinar we share practical tips and tricks, and with polls and a chat function we will keep the webinars interactive.

Are you interested in these extra options? Ask us about the possibilities and pricing!

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