The Net Promoter Score, or NPS® for short, is a simple metric that indicates the extent to which companies and employees interact positively with their customers. The NPS® is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its simplicity and direct link to predicting profitable growth. Employees at all levels of the organization understand it and the NPS® opens the door to customer-centric change and improved performance.

The Net Promoter Score is based on the fundamental idea that any company can divide its customers into three categories: Promoters (fans), Passives (passively satisfied) and Detractors (detractors). By asking one simple question – How likely are you to recommend [company X] to a friend or colleague? – you map these groups and get a clear indication of your company’s performance from the customer’s perspective. The scores awarded by customers are situated on a rating scale from 0 to 10. Moreover, we use one open question to find out why customers give a certain score.

Based on the answers, we carry out a thorough analysis and draw up concrete action plans together.

customer excellence workshops

Customer excellence workshops

Create more fans with a customer-centric culture

Everyone in your company contributes directly or indirectly to the NPS®. In our Customer excellence workshops, we give you insights, examples and tools to use the NPS® within your organization and help you create more promoters. More customers, who spend more and share their positive experiences with others: that is the goal.

Before, during and after the customer excellence workshop

Customer excellence means working together across all departments to make the customer more central. This is why we talk about NPS as Net Promoter Spirit. Our workshops are an indispensable step towards customer centricity within your organization.

  • Workshop content and participant selection will be determined in close consultation with your (regional/district) managers. Our Success Manager visits the locations of the branch managers present in advance and shares his/her experiences as a customer during the workshop.
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the value of NPS® and will be able to focus on their personal action plan to create more fans for your organization. This is how you take important steps towards a ‘customer first’ culture within your organization.
  • The Success Manager prepares a report with all action items and follows up after several weeks through individual coaching calls.

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Measure employee satisfaction

Multi-Value also offers you the opportunity to map your teams’ satisfaction using the E-NPS®.

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