Become a mystery shopper

Would you like to assess the customer experience of shops, car dealerships, customer services and web shops, for example? And would you like to earn some extra cash with this? Then mystery shopping might be something for you!

I want to sign up as a mystery shopper

mystery shopper

What is a mystery shopper?

Companies would like to know how a customer contact is experienced by a real consumer. That is why they use Multi-Value to collect experiences. For this purpose, we have a community of real customers at Multi-Value: mystery shoppers.

What does a mystery shopper do?

A mystery shopper does exactly the same as a ‘normal’ consumer: shopping, requesting a quote, exchanging a wrong purchase, asking for advice on a new outfit, searching for information on a website, etc. Afterwards, the mystery shopper will share his experiences and impressions in a questionnaire. As a shopper, you are compensated for filling in the questionnaire online and, depending on the research, receive compensation for the purchase.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up for specific assignments

After registering as a shopper with Multi-Value, you can apply for certain assignments. On your job board, we have listed all available assignments.

Step 2

Prepare yourself for your job

Once the assignment is assigned to you, you can start preparing. Each assignment involves a clear briefing – usually by phone or online – and a questionnaire.

Step 3

Fulfill the assignment

And then you set off to carry out the assignment! You are well prepared. All you have to do now is be yourself, maybe buy something and, above all, very consciously take in all the steps of your customer experience. You can (usually) keep the purchase as a reward for doing the job. So above all, buy something you like or enjoy!

Step 4

Submit your report

We would like to receive your report within 24 hours of you completing the assignment so that we can deliver it to the client on time. We review each report carefully and once the report is approved, we pay you the agreed fee.