Our vision

We believe in practical on-the-job training that creates value for the customer and for the organization. Hands-on, no-nonsense and immediately applicable. This way, together we ensure that the knowledge and skills taught are anchored and you achieve a sustainable change in mindset and behaviour. Why do we strongly believe in this? Because of the combination of more than 30 years of experience in growing people on the one hand and the proven effectiveness of Charles Jennings’ 70-20-10 principle on the other.

Jennings’ model states that ‘learning’ by employees happens 70% on the shop floor, 20% by learning through interaction with and feedback from colleagues and 10% through formal courses. Our approach ensures better knowledge retention, and that your organization immediately experiences the benefits of better trained employees.

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We are happy to support and advise you on

  • how to measure and evaluate the results of training
  • the set up of a CX training course
  • how to increase the impact of existing training courses
  • on setting up and implementing blended learning programs
  • The script of an online training course
  • how to stimulate ‘a positive learning mood’ among your employees
  • about setting up an Academy for your employees or customers

Our domains of expertise

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Being communicative is one of the most popular competences. Logical, because in order to work together, communication is essential. Good and connecting communication ensures greater commitment, stronger motivation and better results. And yet, being communicative is the skill that perhaps most often goes less well within organizations. Resulting in distrust, frustration, conflict and a drop in productivity. Can it be done differently and better? Yes!

Customer orientation and sales skills

Customer orientation and sales skills

Without customers, there is no business or organization. With the transparency of our digital world, customer service and customer focus are more important than ever. The human factor is the key to success in the future. If you actively engage with your customers, you sell. But skills such as listening, summarizing, questioning, understanding, showing insight and advising are also important in this digital age. So it is time to develop the right skills within your organization.

Leadership and change management

Leadership and change management

As we become increasingly “online connected,” the importance of social skills and leadership becomes ever more apparent. How do you ensure that you realize your own goals, but also coach your team members in achieving their (team) goals? And what exactly do you do to be accessible and continue to create strong support for new ideas and changes? After all, this presents a challenge in itself.

Well-being and resilience in the workplace

Well-being and resilience

Well-being is definitely not a luxury product and anything but soft. Indeed, scientific evidence shows that betting on wellbeing benefits both employees and the organization. A resilient attitude? It does not come naturally, but needs to be taught. That way, your employees learn how to make a difference themselves. It also gives your organization the agility it needs to continue to grow actively.

Our approach

Step 1: Intake

How do we help your company or organization?

First, we listen to you thoroughly. This helps us get to the heart of the challenge. Moreover, it also allows us to be absolutely sure that we can solve your problem with training and coaching. We then suggest the best possible training and coaching path to solve your issue. So for us, training is not an end in itself, but the perfect means to achieve a higher goal.

Step 2: Customization

No long drawn-out processes, but concise and to the point

We then work out a customized growth path for you. After all, every organization is different and every employee is unique. We do not offer you endless programs, but concise programs, to the point and with attention to after-care. Because repetition ensures behavioural change and that is exactly what we want to achieve. We also focus on optimal learning efficiency by varying learning and working methods.

Blended learning only becomes truly powerful when the various learning methods are combined and interwoven into a whole in which the various components reinforce each other. The success lies in the mix. We make sure your organization gets that ideal mix.

Our trainers and coaches take a very practical and hands-on approach and train, coach and enthuse the participants, so that they can start working confidently with their new baggage.

Step 3: Implementation and measurement

Measuring is knowing

Through an action plan, participants are followed up by their managers. This way, employees grow in their roles and the newly learned skills are also applied effectively. And of course we will measure! Because measuring is knowing and you can only manage what you know.