How can you make even more of a difference for customers? That’s where Multi-Value gives you insight, through customer experience visits with feedback or coaching. In doing so, the coach makes himself known immediately after the visit.

Direct feedback

In a personal conversation between the employee and the mystery shopper/coach, the coach helps to link the employee’s behaviour to the customer’s experience and purchase decision.

Through this direct feedback moment, we make the employee aware of what he does well and where there are opportunities for improvement. We make the employee aware of the influence he has on customers that makes them:

• buy more
• come back more often
• recommend more actively

Our coach’s experiences and the action points discussed are recorded in a customer experience report and action plan.

customer excellence workshops

Coaching toward personal growth

Here we go one step further. Together with the managers, we coach and support employees in their personal and professional growth. In a positive way, with a focus on customer experience and behaviour. And because repetition and follow-up are important to achieve the desired new behaviour, we pay attention to this in a personal growth plan with follow-up actions.