Working together for an (even) better customer experience!

Do you want to hear from real consumers how they experience the service within your organization? Then you have come to the right place. We have over 25 years of experience with mystery research in BeNeLux, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. We also work together with our premium partners of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) in worldwide mystery shopping projects.

Why choose mystery shopping?

Customer experience is a hot topic within many organizations. It is no longer taken for granted that customers will choose your company based on price, reputation and products. After all, more than ever, customers have the opportunity to compare prices and products. In short, you would benefit from listening to your customers so that you can then make the right decisions.

Why choose Multi-Value as a mystery shopping partner?

Multi-Value has years of experience and expertise in mystery shopping, in very diverse sectors such as automotive, retail, finance, hospitality, convenience stores and gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.

Objective of
mystery shopping

Multi-Value works intensively with you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing customer loyalty
    customer who return more often
  • Higher average transaction value
    customers who spend more
  • More ‘fans’
    ambassadors who recommend your brand or employees (NPS)

Mystery shopping is more than just ‘shopping’!

From mystery shopping to customer experience visits

At Multi-Value, we actually don’t like the term ‘mystery shopping’ at all. It sounds a bit mysterious and sometimes comes across as a bit scary, especially for your employees.

We therefore prefer to talk about ‘customer experience visits’. Whereas in the past, mystery shopping was mainly used as a tool to tell employees what they did wrong during the mystery shopper’s visit, with customer experience visits we like to focus on the positive aspects of the visit. This way, we encourage and motivate employees to do (even) better in the future.

Customer experience visits are a research method in which a customer pays an unannounced visit to a retail store. The emphasis here is on observation, experience and interaction with employees.

With customer experience visits, we want to make your employees aware of what their behaviour means for the customer’s experience and purchase decision.

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better customer experience through mystery research

Omnichannel mystery research

There are many forms of mystery research: mystery calling, mystery mailing, mystery e-shopping, … In an increasingly omnichannel retail world, the design of the mystery research is about developing a process with the right mix of these forms. That way, we perfectly map the customer experience at all moments of the customer journey.

Whether ordered online and delivered at home, click & collect or online oriented and bought and paid for offline in the store, we can optimize all customer journeys with a sophisticated omnichannel mystery research.

Interested in a mystery research?