A concrete improvement plan

An auditor uses questionnaires or checklists to examine whether the daily reality within a company corresponds to the desired course of events. He then writes down his findings in a clear report, in which opportunities, risks and areas for improvement are discussed. Opportunities and risks are detected and improvements identified.



Audit of the entire customer journey

audit of a complete customer journey in automotive

In the automotive industry, external auditors are often used to check dealers’ compliance with standardised process quality. And this both in the sales and after-sales process. These audits allow to identify which processes are compliant and where there are deviations that require remediation.

The standards form a complete set of working agreements that a dealer must comply with at all stages of the customer journey. In after-sales, this includes, for example, making the appointment, receiving the customer at the reception, inspection of the vehicle on arrival, workshop services, quality checks before returning the vehicle to picking up the vehicle and further follow-up of the customer contact.

Multi-Value has extensive experience in setting up and implementing (large-scale) automotive audit programs. Our pool of coaches includes many experienced and knowledgeable auditors.


Process audits

audit of processes

Also the retail sector, audits are an interesting tool to provide a brand or retailer with up-to-date information about its various outlets. Usually, we then talk about store checks. These can cover, for example, the appearance, hygiene and availability of employees, but also stocks, the presence of products, pricing, the use of promotional material, etc.

Multi-Value has a pool of experienced store checkers. Thanks to the wide geographical distribution of our store checkers, we can always keep you informed about the situation in your outlets. Via our MobiAudit app, it is also possible for your regional or district managers to perform store checks or store audits themselves.

How do we proceed in an audit?

Contact us for an audit

Kick-off meeting

An audit program usually starts with an intensive kick-off meeting with the client to convert the standards into an objectively measurable audit list. Multi-Value then recruits an auditor team in line with the client’s needs and provides intensive training. The client often plays an active role in briefing and training the auditors, precisely to ensure that the brand or organization’s standards can be measured unambiguously and unchallenged.

MobiAudit application

Auditors can use our application MobiAudit to efficiently complete audits on-site and immediately produce a report in real-time. If required, we can explain this report to the dealer (owner) immediately after the audit in a feedback session.