Know your customers

No doubt the following questions are often asked within your organization too:
• Who are your customers?
• Why do they buy or not buy from you?
• What do they expect from you?
• What perception do they have of your shop, concept or service?
• To what extent do they promote your brand or shop?

Via a targeted customer research, we provide you with answers to these and other customer questions.

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We help you design and conduct the research. This could be an NPS® research, for example, in which customers participating in your loyalty program are invited to complete a short online survey (and review) after a visit to your shop or office. In this way, a continuous research gives you real-time insight into your NPS® per location and, if possible, even per employee.

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Exit Interviews

A survey using exit interviews is also possible, where customers participate in a brief face-to-face interview when they leave your store or office. Multi-Value has an extensive pool of experienced, trained surveyors who can conduct interviews on the street and/or at the exit of your store(s) or office(s).

We convert your research questions into a questionnaire. We make these available to our interviewers digitally via smartphone or tablet. Our software tools enable real-time insight into the research results. At the end of each research, we analyze the research data thoroughly and report transparently on our conclusions and recommendations for action.