Offer the customer a positive experience and he will come back more often and buy more … Easier said than done!

In the customer journey along the different touchpoints or contact moments with your organization, your customer has positive and sometimes less positive experiences. In our customer journey mapping workshops, we will look for the opportunities to create a memorable customer experience. We convert these opportunities into concrete actions, and then determine how the customer experience or NPS has improved.

Positive peak moments and a memorable ending

These days, a good product or quality service is no longer enough to stand out. A great customer experience is. It is simply a characteristic of people that, when they think back on an experience, they only remember the highlights – ‘the peaks’ – and the end. So in an optimal customer journey, we create positive peak moments and a surprising end moment. In this way, we work towards more fans and promoters, and a higher turnover of your product or service.


How will we proceed?

Step 1: Zero measurement

What are your customers’ positive and negative experiences today?

We map out the customer journey and your customers’ experiences at the various touchpoints, for example through customer experience visits.

Step 2: Customer Journey Workshop

Where are opportunities for a memorable customer experience?

In a joint workshop, we will share these experiences with your teams and then determine what we can do to create more peak moments and ensure a memorable end of the customer journey.

Step 3: Follow-up measurements

What is the impact on the customer experience and on your turnover?

By using follow-up measurements, we will see what experiences your customers have once the improvements have been implemented and the exact impact of these changes on the customer experience and on your turnover.