Can I become a mystery shopper and how do I receive assignments?

Absolutely, you can! Once yo uare registered on our website, we send a daily email with our outstanding assignments in your area. If you accept an open assignment, you will receive an extensive briefing with all the details.

What types of customer experience research and market research are there?

There are many different types of research. You can find more information about this on our website under the headings customer experience research and market research. We are of course happy to help you with any questions.

What type of companies use customer experience research?

Companies from many different sectors use customer experience visits:
from automotive, retail, catering, government, (para)medical sector, banking and insurance,…

Customer experience research, what is it?

Customer experience research is market research in which companies want to know the opinions of their customers in order to optimize the customer experience. Based on carefully developed questionnaires, mystery shoppers map out all facets of the customer journey. This provides an objective and reliable view of both the good points and the areas of improvement of the customer journey. By working on the areas for improvement, you take the customer experience to a higher level.

What can I earn?

Multi-Value realizes surveys for companies that want to know the opinions of their consumers. These include companies from the following sectors: automotive, retail, hospitality, government, (para)medical, banking and insurance, etc.that want to know the opinions of their consumers.
You will be compensated for completing the questionnaire online. Depending on the study, we may also reimburse you for expenses and fees.

Test purchases can also be reimbursed. Usually it is a small amount up to 20 euros.
Obviously, these are very small and occasional compensations that can constitute absolutely no income. These serve only as a cost tribute for your dedication and time.

Prior to each examination, we will inform you about the examination and compensation. So you are free to participate or not. We pay by automatic transfer in the first week of the month following your mystery visit after you share your experience with us by answering the questionnaire.

How does Multi-Value contact me?

Typically, we communicate via email. In exceptional cases, such as high urgency, we may also contact you by phone.

Do I have to advance money?

The briefing will tell you how to conduct the visit. Most visits fit seamlessly into your consumer pattern. For other visits, you do not have to make a purchase, but must ask for information, for example.

If you do have to incur an extraordinary expense, your costs will be reimbursed or the costing of the job already takes into account advances or expenses.

How do I receive assignments?

We send out a weekly email with our open assignments. To receive these, you must be registered with Multi-Value. However, we cannot give any guarantee that there are jobs available that match your profile.

Motivation, seriousness, accuracy, commercial spirit and observational sense characterize our mystery shoppers. Our project managers will check whether you meet these characteristics.

You are always free to accept or not the open assignments we propose to you via e-mail. If selected, you will receive the comprehensive briefing with all the details.

Is my data safe?

At Multi-Value, we think it’s super important that your data is handled properly. Therefore, we are happy to explain why and what data we collect. And also what you can do if you disagree. We tried to keep it as simple as possible.

We pay fees and by bank transfer to an account in the euro zone + Switzerland.
To pay you, we ask for your IBAN and BIC code. This information does not give us any ability to debit funds from your account. This information as well as your personal data is stored on a secure server. So in order for us to pay you automatically, this information must be entered correctly in your “personal profile.”

Also be sure to check out our youtube channel for more information.