Employee Satisfaction

An optimal employee journey is crucial in terms of customer excellence. Right from the onboarding phase, you want to ensure that your employees feel good and share positive experiences about you as an employer.

Any organization that puts the customer first and makes the transformation to ‘customer centricity’ will recognize that its success depends on an employee team that is (intrinsically) motivated to turn your customers into fans. The E-NPS is a key metric within this strategy. By asking employees at crucial moments (anonymously) what they think about the organization and managers, you will know in time what is going on among your employees and you and your management can respond to this in a timely manner.

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Mental health

Mental health and well-being in the workplace, a good work-life balance and an open atmosphere to discuss this with a manager are important for an optimal working environment. In such an environment, employees enjoy their jobs and work better together. As a result, they can make even more of a difference for customers.


With a good employee research, we support you in choosing the right priorities within your teams. With our experienced trainers and coaches, we can then contribute to identifying the right management actions in one or more workshops with the employees involved. Actions that will visibly improve the atmosphere and motivation as well as the mental health of your employees. Your E-NPS will increase significantly.