With an NPS of more than 65 and exceptionally high scores in Trustpilot reviews, it’s fair to call X²O the “Coolblue” of the bathroom market. Customer Excellence is simply in X²O’s DNA. Constantly looking for ways to go for “the extra mile for the customer. It is therefore with great pride that Multi-Value has been allowed to support X²O in this for over three years with a complete Customer Excellence program for all branches.

Customer experience visits on 4 A’s

Based on about six regular customer experience visits per branch, our shoppers annually map out how they are helped throughout the complete advice visit in all 4 steps in the Customer Journey (Address, Analyze, Advise, Close).

Local coaching on bottlenecks

In a two rounds of customer experience visits with immediate feedback, our coaches make themselves known at the end of their visit and hold up the mirror to the employee on how they helped them as a customer on each of these 4 A’s. In this direct feedback conversation, which is also attended by the branch manager, concrete work points are identified, which the branch itself will work on.

In some branches, moreover, an extra step is being taken. A Success Manager from Multi-Value will use on-the-floor coaching to work specifically with the team for a day to work on certain bottlenecks. In the presence of the Regional Manager, a concrete plan of action is drawn up and arrangements are made to ensure follow-up.

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