What is Mystery Shopping ?

“Mystery shopping” is a research method based on customer experience aimed at gathering detailed information which is difficult to get in traditional satisfaction surveys among customers. This universal method works both in commercial sectors (clicks and bricks) and in government institutions and services.
Multi-Value uses real consumers and not a small panel of permanent mystery shoppers. This is the only way that we can give you a reliable view.
By means of a briefing/scenario we make sure that all visits are similar. We do not only do this for retailers but also for brands in a multi-brand environment or during promotional or launching actions of a product or service.
All this with one major aim: does the customer really experience what you want him or her to experience?

Mystery shopping is also aimed to stimulate behavioural changes. Positive behaviour leads to more promoters. More information about promoters is available under NPS.


Mystery shopping makes it possible to compare consumer experiences, to focus on a specific aspect or service or, to the contrary, to guarantee a total experience.
Mystery shopping gives you the opportunity to organise training for specific improvement points.

Improve your sales performance

Optimise the service of your staff

Measure and evaluate product knowledge

Use the results for your organisation’s strategy

Measure the product knowledge of your staff

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