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Would you like to know how consumers experience the service of your company? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have over 20 years’ experience in mystery shopping within the Benelux countries, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. Moreover, we work with our premium MSPA partners on joint European projects.

Customer experience is a “hot topic” in many companies. It is no longer obvious that customers choose a certain organisation for their shopping because of the price, reputation, or products. More than ever, the customer can compare prices and products and the good reputation of a certain brand can be quickly lost if a negative review on social media goes viral. In other words, companies have to listen to their customers, in order to be able to make the right decisions.

We work with Mystery Shopping in a great variety of retail sectors such as: Car industry, finance, supermarkets, restaurants, tourism, petrol stations & convenience stores.

Multi-Value works in partnership with its customers to achieve the following goals:

Boost customer loyalty
Increase the average purchase volume
More ambassadors, that market the brand (NPS)

Mystery Shopping is more than just shopping!

From Mystery Shopping to customer satisfactiony

We at Multi-Value are not thrilled with the term “Mystery Shopping”… It sounds so mysterious and actually somewhat intimidating – at least for the co-workers. More and more of our customers use the term “customer satisfaction visitors”. In the past, mystery shoppers were used to show your own employees what they had done wrong during the visit. We prefer focussing on the positive side of the visit, as a means to stimulate and motivate people.

Customer satisfaction visitors is a research method, where a customer comes unexpectedly into a firm in order to buy something. The focus lies therefore on observation, the experience and the interaction with the employee.
Using customer satisfaction visits, we at Multi-Value want to show employees how their actions and attitude affects the experience and the buying decision of a customer.

We know different types of mystery shopping, such as: Mystery Calling, Mystery Mailing, Mystery E-shopping, etc.

“A brand is defined by the customer’s experience.
The experience is delivered by the employees.”

Shep Hyken

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