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Along the different touch points




Customer journey covers all conctact moments

The ‘customer journey’ refers to all touch points or phases, which the customer goes through when looking for a product or service. The better the customer experience is at these different touch points, the more likely it is that the customer purchases and recommends the product or service (NPS).

Multi-value can accompany you in measuring and improving the various touch points in the following phases in which the client:

  • Is still considering the product or service
  • Is ready to make a purchase decision
  • Is already using the product or service (i.e.after-sales scan )


Make it memorable for the customer

Nowadays, a good product or quality service is is no longer enough to be distinctive. It is an unforgettable customer experience. It is human nature that when looking back to an experience only the highlights, the peaks and the end wil be rememberd. In an optimal customer journey, we create positive highlights and a surprising conclusion. In this way we are working on more fans or promoters and higher turnover.


Phased plan

Step 1 Why do you do what you do as a business?

Before you start with the customer journey, it’s important to know what makes your business unique. Self-confidence gives you a higher chance for success ( DISC ). Furthermore, the personality and the culture of your business show how you react to the customers’ needs.

Step 2 Step into the shoes of your customers!

Ask your customers whether their experience made them satisfied or unsatisfied and why they would recommend your company, or not. ( NPS )

Step 3 Feedback of the experiences of your customers with the employees

Make every employee in your business responsible for the satisfaction of your customers. Motivation and engagement are the keys to success. Discover how the employees will take initiative themselves, in order to make the customers happy and to develop new ideas for an unforgettable customer satisfaction in the future.

Step 4 Let improvement flow into your DNA!

It is important that you develop practical, simple and useful methods to anchor improvements throughout the whole organization. The participation and commitment of all employees is essential.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

Steve Jobs

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