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I want to sign up as a…

I want to sign up as a…

What is a
Mystery Shopper?

Companies would like to know how customer contact is experienced by a real consumer. That is why they use Multi-Value to collect experiences. To do this, we have a community of real consumers: Mystery shoppers.

What does a
Mystery Shopper do?

The Mystery Shopper, therefore, does the same as an ordinary consumer: shopping, requesting a quote, exchanging a wrong purchase, having a new outfit advised, looking for information on a website, etc. The Mystery Shopper shares these experiences and impressions afterwards in a questionnaire. A shopper is compensated for completing the questionnaire online and, depending on the survey, receives compensation for the purchase.

What does a
Coach do?

A coach gives the employees immediate feedback about their behavior after the mystery shop visit and makes them aware of the impact of their behavior. A coach also guides the employees in taking the right actions, in order to make even more of a difference for customers. This coaching can take place after a mystery shop visit, during a training/workshop, or on the floor. To become a coach with us, you should be self-employed and have a solid coaching background.

How does it work?


After you registered, you can sign up for assignments. We have listed all available assignments on your job board.


Once the assignment has been assigned to you, you can start preparing. Each assignment comes with a clear briefing and a questionnaire.


And then you set off to carry out the assignment! You are well prepared. So all you have to do now is be yourself, maybe buy something and, most of all, very consciously take in all the steps of your customer experience. You can usually keep the purchase as a reward for carrying out the assignment. So buy something that you like or like!


We would like to receive your report within 24 hours after you have completed the assignment. That way, we can deliver it to the client on time. We check each report carefully and if the report is approved, we can pay you the agreed fee.

Various types of assignments

Customer experience visits

As a Mystery Shopper you can go mystery shopping for many well-known and lesser-known clients. Or conduct customer experience visits, as we often call it. One time you visit a supermarket, the next time you visit a clothing store and thereafter you visit a car dealer to look for a new car. At Multi-Value you will come across assignments in many different sectors.

Customer experience visits with direct feedback

We hebben ook opdrachtgevers die een stap verder willen gaan. Daar doen we dan mystery shopping met directe feedback. Daarvoor zetten we dan coaches in, die zich aan het eind van het bezoek bekend maken en een feedback gesprek hebben met de medewerker die hen heeft geholpen. De coaches maken ook van hun feedback gesprek een rapport waarin actiepunten worden opgenomen.


Some of our clients want to train and guide their employees and/or managers in order to give their customers a ‘wow’ experience. They can also contact Multi-Value for this. We have a large pool of trainers who can provide workshops. And that can be done live but also virtually via Zoom or Teams.

In-store coaching

For certain assignments, we train employees with experienced coaches on location. We have trained these coaches to observe the behavior of employees and to provide relevant and direct feedback. During this coaching on location, a report with concrete action points is always drawn up on the spot.

Questions? Please contact us


What can I earn?

Multi-Value realizes surveys for companies that want to know the opinion of their consumers. This includes companies from the following sectors: automotive, retail, catering, government, (para)medical sector, banking and insurance, etc. who want to know the opinion of their consumers. You will be compensated for completing the questionnaire online. Depending on the investigation, we may also reimburse you for expenses and fees.

Test purchases can also be refunded. Usually, it concerns a small amount up to 20 euros.
It goes without saying that these are very small and occasional compensations that cannot constitute an income at all. These serve only as a cost reimbursement for your dedication and time.

Before each investigation, we will inform you about the investigation and the compensation. So you are free to participate or not. We pay by automatic transfer in the first week of the month following your mystery visit after you have shared your experience with us by answering the questionnaire.

How will Multi-Value get back to me?

We usually communicate by email. In exceptional cases, such as in the event of an emergency, we can also contact you by telephone.

Do I need to pay in advance?

The briefing states how to carry out the visit. Most visits fit seamlessly into your consumer pattern. For other visits you don’t have to make a purchase, but you have to ask for information, for example.

If you nevertheless have to make an exceptional expense, your costs will be reimbursed or the cost reimbursement of the assignment already takes into account advances or expenses.

How do I receive assignments?

Every week we send an e-mail with our open assignments. To receive this, you must be registered with Multi-Value. However, we cannot guarantee that jobs that match your profile will be available.

Motivation, seriousness, accuracy, commercial spirit, and observation sense characterize our mystery shoppers. Our project managers will check whether you meet these characteristics.

You are always free to decide whether or not to respond to the open assignments that we propose to you by email. If you are selected, you will receive an extensive briefing with all the details.

Is my data stored in a secure way?

At Multi-Value we think it is very important that your data is handled properly. That is why we are happy to explain why and what data we collect. And also what to do if you disagree. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. You will find all the information on this page.

We pay fees and by bank transfer to an account in the Euro zone + Switzerland.
In order to pay you, we ask for your IBAN and BIC code. This information does not give us any ability to debit your account. This information as well as your personal data are stored on a secure server. So in order to be able to pay you automatically, these details must be entered correctly in your “personal profile”.