What is it?

A satisfaction survey records the satisfaction of a certain target group (customers, staff, suppliers or society) about an organisation, product or service.

Quantitative research

Every market situation needs its own specific research approach. We will determine – in close cooperation with you – which analysis technique or combination is suitable for your particular situation.
Roughly speaking, what we do is to measure a quantitative analysis. The results can be used as a foundation for statistical calculations. In order to get an amount of spot tests sufficient for the test criterion, quite often large-scale surveys have to be done. Only this way you will gain meaningful results or statements that are useful to your purposes.

Qualitative research

The essential difference between qualitative and quantitative research lies in the customer’s creative freedom to answer a question. Such an answer thus does not only consist of a ticked-off box, but a short text component, in which the respondent can formulate his or her motives, attitude, decisions and wishes towards the respective question. The poll can be done by individual depth interviews or group discussions. Opposed to quantitative research, we are working with significantly smaller spot tests here. Therefore, a suitable choice of respondents is essential.
Multi-Value can take these studies to your customers in different ways: by e-mail, through your website, QR codes and in the outlets. 
With our FEEDBACK KIOSK we try not only to find out the opinion of your customers, but also of non-customers. Why do people leave the shop without buying anything?


Listening to customers provides insights.

Who are your satisfied customers?

Why are they satisfied?

What can you improve?

What makes a store customer-friendly?

 Why does a customer eventually not buy certain products?

What does the customer think about the competitor’s performance?

What does the customer think about your loyalty card system?

What is the most important reason for your customers to return to your store?

How many customers (in percentage) are satisfied about your products?

How many customers are male/female?

What part of your customers is unhappy about the price?

How old is the average male customer? How much does he earn?

How many customers regularly shop at a competing business?

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