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Do you sometimes ask your customers’ opinion? If so, do you have an online survey or do you call your customers on the phone? Which customers do you reach? Only customers who gave you their contact details?multi-value-klantentevredenheid
There are indeed two important opinions for a retailer. The first one is the customer’s opinion. Did he or she have a positive experience which you work on together with your team every day? If not, you can make the necessary improvements. But a second opinion, which is at least as important, is the opinion of non-customers. Why do people leave a store without buying anything? By means of a tablet in a kiosk in your points of sale you have a higher response and real-time results which bring you closer to your customers.


Concrete, attractive questionnaires which generate a higher response.

Link to social media when your customers are a fan of your brand.

Less satisfied customers can be approached to take away their dissatisfaction: complaint management.

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