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Free gift: 10 golden reasons to convince your colleagues about the power of the Net Promoter Score

By Measuring

10 Reasons why the Net Promoter Score is that popular

Companies with a high Net Promoter Score like for example APPLE , COOLBLUE , DISNEY , USAA , TORFS , AMAZON have a customer centric strategy. This means that a positive customer experience at the point of sale and post-sale will add value to their company by enabling it to differentiate itself from their competitors who do not offer the same experience.

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Don’t miss experiences, think about a feedback tablet in your store

By Multi-Value News

Do you sometimes ask for your customers’ opinion? If so, do you have an online survey or are your customers called on the phone? Which customers do you reach? Only customers who gave you their contact details?

There are indeed two important opinions for a retailer. The first one is the customer’s opinion. Did he or she have a positive experience which you work on together with your team every day? If not, you can make the necessary improvements.

feedback tablet in kiosk rent

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