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Do you sometimes ask for your customers’ opinion? If so, do you have an online survey or are your customers called on the phone? Which customers do you reach? Only customers who gave you their contact details?

There are indeed two important opinions for a retailer. The first one is the customer’s opinion. Did he or she have a positive experience which you work on together with your team every day? If not, you can make the necessary improvements.

feedback tablet in kiosk rent

But a second opinion, which is at least as important, is the opinion of non-customers. Why do people leave a store without buying anything?

You do not often have contact details for these people, so you cannot reach them by e-mail or telephone.

Multi-Value knows, like you do, that when a non-customer leaves the store, important information is also escaping through the door. You want to know why visitors leave without buying anything. You also want a high response and you want to know the results immediately. A positive experience may even be shared with friends on social media. If the experience is less, you can start working on solving it straight away.

The newest developments on tablets allow you to easily reach all your customers.

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