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Self-awareness is the first step towards improvement



DISC helps you to be successful, to work together and make customers happier!

How does your attitude influence the customer experience?
How do you become happier and more successful through an enthusiastic contact with your customers?
How memorable is your contact for the customer? Why is the customer satisfied with you?
What does your attitude mean for the success of the whole business?

What is DISC?

DISC is a means to assess the behaviour of people in a simple way:

Who are we and others, our customers, our colleagues and other people we have contact with.
How we can adapt our behaviour depending on the person we are talking to or the situation we are in at the time.
What success we can achieve in our work and our private life by adapting our attitude.


For brands and organisations it is important that employees put the customer in the centre in everything they do. Thanks to DISC, employees get to know themselves and their customers better and to adapt one’s behaviour to make customers even happier.

This attitude leads to customers that:

Buy more
Return frequently
Recommend more actively

Do you recognise yourself in one or more behavioural patterns?

Dominant (red):

Extroverted and controlling, directly driven, competitive, rapid tempo, takes the lead.

Interactive (yellow):

Extroverted and open, warm, enthusiastic, eloquent, impulsive, verbal.

Stable (green):

Introverted and reserved, concerned, friendly, considerate, team player, harmonious, closed, stable.

Conscientious (blue):

Introverted and controlling, thinker, observer, waits, precise, closed, analytical.

“Your trade is your present.
Your personality is your future.”

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