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The impact of positive customer experiences


Make a difference in after-sales

The power of immediate feedback

Positive after-sales experience is crucial for the customer to decide again in favour of that brand or business. Thanks to after-sales scans with immediate feedback, the connection is made between the behaviour of the employees and the customer experience as well as the purchase decision of the customer. This gives us an insight into the “why” customers do or don’t do the following:

Buy more
Recommend actively
Return frequently


Customer experience does not end with the purchase

The three key values

In agreement with your after-sales manager, cars that need maintenance are used. All moments of the contact that are relevant for the customer (from making an appointment for the maintenance all the way to picking up your car and the whole customer experience afterwards) are done by the coach from Multi-Value in the robes of a real customer.

When the coach of Multi-Value reveals himself, he or she goes through the 3 key values together with the whole after-sales staff, that have been part of the experience:

  1. Overall customer satisfaction
  2. Technical audit
  3. Commercial opportunities

Support for the future

The coach of Multi-Value offers concrete support for the whole team. This means that the staff at the front desk, as well as the after-sales consultant, the mechanic, but also the manager of the team are all involved.

During the coaching, the coach always plays the part of the employee. It is the task of the coach, to make the employees aware of what their actions and behaviour means for the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers.

“When you start in a team, the whole team has to be right and then you can get something back.”

Michael Schumacher

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